SilverSpore Virtual Appliance Demo (2.56)

New version (02/23/12)! 

Interested in seeing what a Spore can do?  Would you like to experience our patent pending integration with Cloud Computing environments? If you already have a virtual environment, why not download the SilverSpore Demo appliance and give it a try?

The Virtual Appliance demo is limited to monitoring 5 endpoints (hosts).

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Download (552 MB)

Quickest start

1 - Import appliance
2 - Start appliance
3 - Login as root/silverspore
4 - Type "ifconfig" to display IP address
5 - Open your browser and navigate to "http://<appliance IP address>"


Quickstart Guide (PDF)



root: root/silverspore
SilverSpore configuration: admin/silverspore
Icinga: icingaadmin/silverspore

Please change all credentials before entering any sensitive information.

Version 2.56 changes

OS changed to Ubuntu 11.04
Virtual appliance is now compatible with more versions of VMware and VirtualBox
Amazon Cloud Servers can now optionally publish performance to Amazon Cloudwatch

Appliance details

OS: Ubuntu 11.04
CPU: Defaults to dual CPU.
RAM: 512MB
Disk: 8GB SCSI
NIC: AMD PCNet configured for DHCP
Cloud API support: AWS, EC2 compatible, Rackspace, vCloud

  • This DEMO appliance is limited to monitoring 5 hosts.  However, initial discovery will cover all the hosts in the range of subnets entered in the "Discovery" tab.  Please limit that range to cut down on discovery time.
  • To enable performance graphs, go to the "Monitoring Options" tab and check the "Process performance data" checkbox.
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SageCreek Partners Inks Deals to Mentor SilverSpore

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NASHUA, N.H., June 1, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- SilverSpore LLC, an innovator in intelligent IT management solutions, has released version 2 of its Spore Self-configuring monitoring appliance.

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