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Don't Miss: Blogging Your Way Masterclass - Now Enrolling
Don't Miss: Blogging Your Way Masterclass - Now Enrolling

What if you woke up tomorrow and your Instagram account was gone? How would reach your followers, the ones that you spent years growing? We will get into that more in a moment, but first, have you ever taken one of myBlogging Your Wayonline classes? If not, here’s a little history. I first launched them wayyyyy back in the grand old year of 2009, which in online years, is like 1000 BCE. I started them because at that time, I’d been blogging for a little over 3 years and my readers were filling my inbox every week with requests for help - how to set up a blog, how to become successful at it, what platform to use, how to write a blog post, and I was answering them as much as time allowed for it - sometimes until late at night and into the next morning. That’s when I knew I needed to do something with my knowledge and my classes were born.

I’ve been teaching ever since '09 in many creative ways - through (obviously) my online classes but also in my podcasts, blog posts here on decor8, in-person workshops, lectures, you name it - and most are free - because I truly love to help others and to teach in all formats - it’s a fun challenge and I enjoy it.

However, to earn a living, my online courses have a fee that is lower than their actual value, and I keep them affordable so that people at all financial levels can invest in themselves and in their business by taking a class with me. They are life-changing courses, my students have told me, and no just in words but in deeds as they’ve shown this as they’ve moved on to apply what they’ve learned to launch 6-figure businesses with a blog as their base.

My classes run a few times a year because they take so much out of me - when I’m finished (and exhausted!) I usually need a month to hibernate afterwards! Yet, I come back to teaching every time as it’s a genuine love of mine, I cannot imagine a time when I won’t be teaching in some capacity.

Also, my online classes are taughtcohort styleso I’m answering questions, checking weekly homework assignments for students, and we “meet” together once a week in a group chat for an hour. These classes give me time to do nothing but teach for 5 weeks with my students so I clear my calendar during these teaching periods to focus only on my class and it truly is an amazing experienceevery. single. time.

For 2022, I decided to teach aBLOGGING MASTERCLASSwhich may seem like an old-school topic but I’m teaching this for a reason. A few things are happening online right now that really, truly, concern me. First, many are drained and are becoming more and more emotionally unwell using Insta. This is a big topic at the moment and I feel like many will return to blogging as a result - still maintaining Instagram but not pouring their heart and soul into it as much.Web 3.0 is coming…

The next concern that I have is how influencers and former bloggers spend every second on Insta. Bloggers have paused blogging to build their businesses on very unstable grounds. Influencers only focus on Insta, many don’t even have a website or blog. We have to be careful to not repeat their mistakes.

部落客开始或在2014年左右之前,we know the importance of building something first on a website with a blog (or just a blog) then having a mailing list where we feed our subscribers interesting content on a somewhat regular basis. Regularity is very personal as it means something different for each person - some send weekly newsletters, others bi-weekly, and then there are others who send only one email to their subscriber base a month. We know the importance of owning our mailing list, and our domain and blogs/websites, and marketing through blogs in what today’s influencers may deem “old school” or simply dumb. But the truth is, most of them didn’t start with a blog, so they have no understanding of its value - they just signed up for Instagram and boom! they were off.

But is it wise to grow your entire business on a platform that you don’t pay for, that has no customer service, and that can be blocked or banned or worse, shut down or hacked? On a free platform, you lack control. In order to run a profitable, sustainable small business you have to build it on something solid. If you are a blogger who lost interest in blogging, please reconsider going back to your blog and writing once a week and most urgently, get a mailing list up and running NOW. Don’t wait.

What if you woke up tomorrow morning and your Instagram account was gone? How would reach your followers, the ones that you spent years growing?

I recently had one of my Instagram accounts hacked and I was able to get it back, but the other account was taken down by Instagram a few years ago for supposedly being a spam account and it was never reinstated and I lost thousands of followers overnight. It wasn’t a spam account. I still don’t know what happened.

I have many friends who had similar problems - they were hacked or shut down - they lost their password and couldn’t recover it - someone added them to a follow/unfollow service, they were banned, and they lost 20K, 30K, 100K followers overnight. I love Instagram, it’s a wonderful platform for sharing and finding wonderful new accounts, for making friends, for fast connections and chats, for having fun - I’m 100% not knocking the ‘gram. I cherish my followers there and am always thinking of new ways to make them smile. BUT don’t build your entire business on one platform. Have a blog or better yet, a website with a blog and most importantly, a mailing list. This is how you avoid losing your followers overnight. If many of them are also on your mailing list, then you have nothing to fear.

Another important point I’d like to address before I wrap up is this: I recently conducted a poll with over 15,000 participants and learned that over 88% go to Google and 67% search Pinterest when they need news, information, ideas, tips, and more. In fact, this very blog still has most of it’s traffic daily (87%) coming over from Pinterest and Google with about 3% from Instagram. THREE PERCENT. Millions of people search for information using Pinterest and search engines every second of the day, and from there, most end up on either a website or a blog. They don't land on your Instagram account! You won't be found in millions of daily searches on Google if you're only on Instagram and that is what the new influencers don’t consider and this is what they are missing.

There are so many other reasons to blog, have a mailing list, and use sites like Instagram to grow your mailing list and market your business - that is why I created an entire class around Blogging - my ultimateBLOGGING YOUR WAY MASTERCLASS. I have written an entire page about the course, what you can expect, the fee, etc. so please check it out and join us.

Enrollment will close soon, on April 16th, so please don’t miss out. There are also a few payments options and to make it easier for you, you can take 15% off by using code BLOG15.

Here is the link- see you in class which runs from April 22 and ends May 27.





German Influencers: Enter To Win The 2022 Garden & Home Blog Award by March 6th!
German Influencers: Enter To Win The 2022 Garden & Home Blog Award by March 6th!

Hi friends, I’m happy to announce that the voting phase is about to begin for the 2022Garden & Home Blog Awardhere in Germany (Die Bewerbungsphase für den 2022 Garden & Home Blog Award startet! Yippee!) and I’m so honored to be on the jury for the 6th year to decide who will win in each of our categories. I am happy to be on this jury alongsideSinja Schüttewho runs some of the largest home and living magazines in Germany, Igor Josifovic ofUrban Jungle Bloggerswhich is one of the largest plant communities online, and book authorJelena Weberthis year. This means that if you want to enter to win, you’ll need to click on the link below on or before Sunday, March 6, 2022 at midnight (German time) - so hurry!

I’ve been part of the GHBA since they launched in 2017, so I know all of thelovely finalistsfrom each year and value them so much. Each year, we also welcome new content creators into our group of finalists - it’s lovely to see the energy that surrounds this event and I’m happy to be included again for 2022! I’m hoping there will be a lot of new entries this year since I love to see how creative and innovative each of the entrants can be, but also to see new faces and names working alongside of the more established and experienced content creators here in Germany.

In September, two exciting days await our finalists in Cologne, because these days will be packed with creative workshops, inspiring discussions and a lot of time to exchange ideas on the topics around content creation, plants, DIY and interior (food is no longer a category, the team decided to really focus on DIY, plants and flowers, and interiors). The grand finale will be the dinner and awards ceremony on Saturday evening, which is where you’ll find me as I hand out an award for our interiors winner because, well, interiors are what I’m all about!

This year the format will be a little different so here’s some information on that in bothEnglish and German, below:

The awards will be part of the KREATIVZEIT (Creative Time) Festival. During this two-day festival, together with media partner HYGGE and the many brand partners, we invite all DIY fans - including your followers and all creative enthusiasts - to participate in the workshop program on September 3 or 4. The finalists of theGarden & Home Blog Awardswill of course be there on September 3 where the award ceremony will then take place exclusively for our GHBA finalists and brand partners.

In diesem Jahr verleihen wir die Awards im Rahmen des KREATIVZEIT Festivals. Zu dem zweitägigen Festival laden wir gemeinsam mit GHBA Medienpartner HYGGE und Markenpartnern alle DIY-Fans – also auch eure Follower und alle Kreativ-Begeisterten! – dazu ein, an dem Workshop-Programm am 3. oder 4. September teilzunehmen. Und die Finalist:innen des GHBA sind am 3. September natürlich dabei! Die feierliche Awardverleihung findet dann im Anschluss exklusiv für unsere GHBA-Finalist:innen und Markenpartner statt.

I can’t wait to meet everyone there in September, but remember - don’t be shy - ENTER because you just may become a finalist! Imagine joining nearly 100 others at the awards ceremony with the hopes of winning! Trust me, there is room for new energy so if you have been shy about entering, and you live in Germany and work online either blogging or via Instagram, and content is something that you love to create around the topics of DIY, Plants/Garden/Flowers and Home/Interiors - go for it, really! I’m encouraging/pushing you to do it. This event is so full of warmth and love, it’s a really positive weekend for those passionate about these topics but also who really could use a creative boost right now - to gather together with like-minded people in a supportive environment is something I am really looking forward to in September. I hope you will enter, and I hope to see you there!

I want to add that the media partner for this event is the inspiringHYGGE magazineand the partners are:

Follow@gardenandhomeblogawardon Instagram for daily updates, too!

Me with my then colleague, Steffi Pikat, from HYGGE.

Fresh flowers are everywhere for this event - wonderful!

A photo I took in the gardens, I just love how it came out.

Me and Igor from Urban Jungle Bloggers (who is also back on the jury this year - yeah Igor!)

The location for the workshops in Münster in 2020.

我到达的位置,有一个农场outside of Münster, where the workshops were held. I was making a video for Intagram :) of course /Photo: Nikilowski for GHBA

Me (far left) on a panel discussion about the future of blogging and influencers / Photo: Nikilowski for GHBA

I wish you lots of love and I hope to meet you in Cologne! :)



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What Do You Want To Achieve In 2022? Here's How To Get Started....
What Do You Want To Achieve In 2022? Here's How To Get Started....

Hello dear friend. I want to wish you a very happy end of the year and new year to come. We’ve all been through a lot in 2021, but I’m hopeful the Corona situation will improve drastically in the year ahead. Stay positive! As you know, I’ve been teaching online since 2009 and I truly love to help my students to see and reach their goals and dreams. I’d like to extend some free support and encouragement to as many as I can before the new year sets in so I recorded a 30-minute love note, a coaching session, podcast, audio file, voice message, whatever you want to call it - on the topic ofWHAT DO YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE IN 2022?and in it, I’ll walk you through how to get started immediately. Don’t worry, there is no talk about new year’s resolutions - in fact don’t bother setting any for the new year - try my advice instead. It’s fun and easy, and free, so click below to listen in.

I hope that you have a wonderful entry into the new year, and once you’re on the other side, I hope you can see some very positive things happen in the months to come. I am certain that if you listen to my audio file, you’ll really feel GREAT and MOTIVATED - promise!

Happy New Year!

With Love,


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Interior Design Trends 2022 + Domotex Mood Spaces Introduction
Interior Design Trends 2022 + Domotex Mood Spaces Introduction

Are you curious about how Corona impacted the way we live and work at home? I’d like to invite you to watch a keynote that I recently gave to 150 international journalists about Interior Design Trends for 2022 (Interior Design Now)along with a introduction to Domotex Mood Spaces - a project that I’m working on with 5 German Interior Designers for the January 2022 edition of Domotex where our trend stands will be on display at the upcoming fair. In this video below, I not only preview trends for 2022 but I speak briefly about Mood Spaces and introduce you to our confirmed star Designers.

Domotex is the world’s leading flooring trade show held annually in Hannover, Germany with exhibitors from all over the world. If you want to see the latest trends in flooring, this is where you go. So, it’s time for the video, shall we begin?

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I hope that you will “like” it on YouTube, share it with others, and if you have any comments, you can leave them under the video on YouTube.

More about Mood Spaces in December here on decor8…

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The One Thing That Can Make or Break Your Business
The One Thing That Can Make or Break Your Business

What I’m about to say could bethemagic wand for your business or personal brand that you’ve been looking for that you just keep missingover and over again. See, whether you sell products, services, you’re a singer, writer, dancer, B&B owner, Etsy shop seller, doll maker, blogger, interior shop owner, artist, ceramicist, you run a cafe… it’s all the same. Yourphotoscan make or break your social media, blog, website, and ultimately, your business. Really.

我一直在线和咨询工作的品牌since 2006 and sadly, I’ve watched many good people with great products shipwreck because their photos didn’t cut it. They had great products and/or services but didn’t understand the importance of having strong, consistent, inspiring photos. Thing is, most of them thought it was their product to blame or that they didn’t service their customers well enough. Many also assumed that their business didn’t take off because they lacked a large enough social media following.

Most of the time, none of those things were even close to thereal problem.

Photo: Holly Becker

What was the problem then? Mostly likely their brand image, which includes all of their graphics and photography from product shots to blog post photos, was either inconsistent, dated, devoid of emotion, or just plain unappealing visually. I even see brands using severely outdated photos to sell things. I was looking at a winery website recently showing a gorgeous vineyard along with their B&B property where you could book a vacation or even a wedding but the photos looked like they were last taken in 2003 whenUnder The Tuscan Sunwas all the rage and ugh, lots of flash photography. When I looked at their Instagram, I saw even more filtered images, over-saturated, with an ochre tinge. And they wondered why they were beaten out by their competitors who had similar properties but their property photos were shot in natural daylight with lovely lifestyle images conveying real emotion - happy people sharing delicious food and wine, their magical candlelight gatherings tugging at your heart…

But what about followers and likes, you ask? Don’t brands sink because they don’t have a massive online following or enough likes? Let me tell you a story…

I have a friend who earns around half a million a year and do you know how large her audience is? She has under 10,000 people on her email list and around 3,000 on Instagram. In other words, she has a small following if you compare her numbers to most of the big earners and brands out there. Yet, she’s still pulling in 500k a year selling her online classes. How is that possible? Sure, she’s a great teacher with a good topic but there are many teachers out there who teach the same thing, so why is she killing the competition? Her brand message is clear - her images and message are always consistent. Her Instagram, website, class site, Facebook - they are all the same - consistent. She doesn’t mix in cat photos or pictures of her hobbies or favorite foods. Her competitors do this, and they earn less than half of what she does, or even less than that. They take nice photos but they aren’t consistent. They bring in a lot of other things which waters down their message. So it’s not just about great photos but it’s about consistent photos that share your brand values and messages.

If her photos were rubbish, or good but all over the place, she’d be calling it quits online and heading back to her office job, trust me. She knows her photos matter which is why she spends thousands on professional photographers to shoot everything for her because she lacks time and interest in learning herself.

Okay so that works for her, but what about if you don’t have thousands in your annual business budget to hire photographers to shoot? Can’t you just use free stock images or buy a membership to a stock photo website? You can, but it’s always obvious when photos are stock because 1/ They don’t tell YOUR story and 2/ They won’t have either YOU or YOUR products in them. And nowadays, brands have to sell through emotion and personal storytelling so stock photos may be fine for some of your content, but if you could quickly and easily learn how to take beautiful photos, isn’t that the best option? Because then you can really tell the story of you and/or your business in a personal way.

Holly Becker, Photo: Anoushka Rokebrand

Mediocre photos result in less profit, less followers, less everything.

I hope I didn’t depress you, but maybe you can re-frame this and look at it like a good friend just saved you a lot of time and headaches by sharing, what could be the very reason behind, why your business isn’t thriving as you had hoped. View this as the answer you’ve been waiting for. Because it’s not the number of followers nor is it how wonderful you can write a blog post or product description. Sure, great writing helps but a photo truly is worth a thousand words. If your images aren’t as good, or better, than your competitors, you’ll have a hard time convincing customers to take you serious or to buy what you’re selling.

现在好消息因为我有一个解决方案for you if you struggle with photography because I can change all of that in just 4 weeks in my new course,Photography + Style Workshop,现在开放注册。这个研讨会将帮助you to dramatically improve your photography and styling in just 30 days for Instagram, your website, and more!

Examples of photos and styling by Holly Becker

This class runs from November 1- November 30, 2021, so you’ll have the tools needed before the holidaysandyou can confidently stroll into 2022 taking beautiful photos.

We’ll focus primarily on Interiors (homes, shops, cafes, objects), Lifestyle, Food, Portraits and Self-portraits. This is a non-tech and very creative approach to photography, so you can use any camera that you have access to, including your smartphone.

Why does it matter to take a photo workshop? If your photos don’t stand out, if they don’t share your message or tell your story, if they lack the power to draw people in, it’s impossible to really grow a brand online.

Photo: Holly Becker

The goal of this class is to take you from a good photographer to a great, very confident, one. Anyone can take a photo, and you may even know how to take a photo technically, but beautiful photos come from intuition, tapping into emotion, engaging the senses, creative composition, making good use of natural lighting, and prop styling. In class, you’ll also learn how to find your signature photo style, object and interior styling, the “prep essentials” for your shoots, how to organize a shoot from start to finish, and so much more!

This course is quick and easy and also fun, interactive, and taught live but with a self-paced component, meaning you don’t have to worry about missing anything because all materials will be saved with lifetime access that you can view after class has ended.

We will also have 4 live Zoom calls where you can ask me questions and we can all meet each other. Your learning experience with me will feel special. You’ll also have my four guest experts to tap into and fellow students as your trusted partners-in-crime.

Learning together, networking, exchanging ideas… This is so much better than being left off on your own. Having a group to cheer you on aids in focus, accountability, and accelerated learning. Would you like to meet the guests?

Holly Marder (left), Stephanie Haßelbeck and Elisabeth Grindmayer (center) and Denise Boomkens (right)

Guest Experts

Holly Marder,Founder ofAvenue Design Studio and GALLERY. Marder is an interior designer and photographer with an innate sensitivity to beauty, and an instinctive feel for textiles, color, and spacial authenticity. Launched in 2012 as a lifestyle platform and then later focusing on interior design, Avenue Design Studio is her boutique interior design studio in The Netherlands with a focus on residential design. Marder will speak to us about her tips and tricks for styling, photography, and how to hone in on what you do best, along with how she works when shooting homes.60 Minute Session.

Elisabeth GrindmayerandStephanie Haßelbeck,Founders ofFarmmade. This award-winning photography and styling sister duo produce stories for print and online through numerous German books and magazines. They recently launched a seasonal online food magazine,The Slow Season, and Liz acquired a farm in southern Sweden that she’s currently renovating while her sister Steffi remains in the countryside on their family farm outside of Munich, Germany. Creative to the core, these sisters will guide your through how to photograph food, what to avoid, and tons of tricks and ideas to apply to your own lifestyle, food and nature photography as they help you to learn more about the art of visual storytelling.60 Minute Session.

Denise Boomkens,Founder ofAndBloom. Former international fashion model-turned-photographer, Boomkens is a professional photographer based in Amsterdam who has shot for some of the largest brands in the world. Today, she is also the author of the bookAndBloom: The Art of Aging Unapologeticallywell as an Instagram community under the same name with over 200k loyal fans. As our guest in this course, she’ll explain how a typical portrait session with her works, how she preps for her sessions, ideas on how to make people feel more comfortable before the camera, and she’ll answer any questions you may have about how to photograph people of any age, including yourself!60 Minute Session.

现在,让我们一起跑过的模块或者r 4 week class:


This module is the perfect beginning because we’ll talk about how to find your signature photo style, how to tap into your 5 senses, playing with color, experimenting with patterns and texture, and how to use Milanote for finding your style with a special instructional video, and a fun homework assignment to kick off the first week! There will also be a live Zoom chat for Holly and all enrolled students.


Learn basic photography principles, learn which photos the algorithm on Instagram likes the most and how to get more eyes on your photos, how to shoot in natural light, understanding lines and composition, the importance of negative space, backgrounds and surfaces (and how to make them), and how to shoot food, nature and lifestyle photography with Holly Becker and Guest Experts Elisabeth Grindmayer and Stephanie Haßelbeck, Founders of Farmmade. There will also be a live Zoom chat for Holly and all enrolled students.


This module is all about planning and practice! We’ll get into props, prop styling and planning, Shoots and how to plan for them, how to pitch photos to magazines and books, story planning, and Portrait photography - how to photograph people - including yourself! There will also be a live Zoom chat for Holly and all enrolled students. Holly and Guest Expert Denise Boomkens will discuss the art of creating beautiful, natural portraits.


This module is all about Interior styling and photography. We’ll meet Guest Expert Holly Marder who will take us through a day in the life of an interiors photographer - what she does, what she looks out for, mistakes to avoid, and how she taught herself how to take magazine-ready photos. Interior Styling will also be covered this week with lots of helpful downloads for you to print and follow. Instagram photography will also be discussed as well as shooting in cafes and shops. A final Zoom chat between Holly Becker and students will wrap up the course.

I’ve worked as a professional photographer for a decade with books, magazines, and brands as my clients.

Okay, I think I have done my job here. I’ve told you why you need this course, which if you’re still reading this, then I’m guessing that you do. If you have read this far along you must have a nagging voice in your head that is telling you IT IS TIME to level up your photography skills. It’s time to find your visual language. It’s time to stop posting off topic. It’s time to get crackin’ and take your business to the next level because if you don’t, your competitors will and trust me, it’s easy to get left behind online but also easy to quickly learn new skills so you’ll stay in pace, or even lead, the pack.

To learn more about my course, or to register,CLICK HERE. You can pay in full, pay in 2 installments or in 5 installments, so everyone can afford it.… And for a limited time use code BIRD50 for a $50 discount for early birds for the next 48 hours.

Class runs from November 1- November 30, 2022 with lifetime access. I can’t wait to take you under my wing and show you how easy great photography can really be. And most of all, I can’t wait to witness your transformation. I promise that in just 30 days with me, you'll clearly know your visual language, how to create consistently beautiful photos, and you’ll see a huge change in how people respond and interact with your brand online.

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Enrolling: New Course for Creatives + Small Biz Owners - Attract, Engage and Grow!
Enrolling: New Course for Creatives + Small Biz Owners - Attract, Engage and Grow!

Hello my dears, I hope you’re doing well and ready for a new week. I’m totally energized because I just started enrolling for my new course,ATTRACT ENGAGE GROW… This is the perfect online class for creative types who run a small or mid-size business (or plan to), and who want to really expand more online to really REACH people and earn a better living…. To figure out new ideas for our business, reach more customers, and grow… But with heart,not hustle! But before we get into all the details, let’s play a little game of “Do You Ever…”small businessedition.

If you say YES to even one of these, this course may be the one for you. If not, you don’t really need me. ;) Okay, ready?


01Feel like the only way to grow your business online is to put in years of hustle and show up on social media every day, even when you’re feeling burnt out?

02Feel called to market your business from the heart, but felt stuck because what everyone is teaching and preaching feels like selling out to you?

03Get overwhelmed by influencers and the overall competition?

04Wish to be as successful as others in your industry, but don’t want to sacrifice your family life and personal “me” time?

05Feel frustrated because you’re not growing and you’re unsure of why?

06不知道投资你的时间和烯在哪里rgy, Instagram, your blog, Facebook, Pinterest, email marketing, helllpppppppppp! (insert head exploding emoji.)

07Feel like you need fresh new eyes on your work and could use some feedback from me and a community of other small business owners and entrepreneurs for some honest, open feedback?

...did I get you on all 7??!

I completely understand these feelings because I’ve been there myself. That is exactly why I created this course, I have a sense that it’s needed right now more than ever before amidst the crazy past year we’ve all suffered. I want to tell you a little story before I explain what this course is about because I know hearing it can make you feel better.

I left my corporate job way back when because I wanted to be independent and do something creative, on my terms, that felt better than my 9-to-5 job and the excruciating two-hour Boston commute each day. I resigned back in 2005 and never looked back. I solely built my businessfrom nothingusing only my blog (the very one you are reading) to grow for the first several years. Man, it was scary at first, and hard, but I was willing to roll up my sleeves because I knew that I was building something forme.

It took time before I figured out a simple formula to success, and that formula changed everything. I became a bestselling author with four books in nearly 20 languages, toured my books in 15 cities, developed a few product collections, started a podcast, lectured at international fairs and moderated panels, won awards for my work, I even ran my own magazine. I also started teaching online in 2009 when I launchedBlogging Your Wayand here I am, teaching again underdecor8 courses, after a two-year pause (I was working on my magazine in HamburgandI'm a mom so, you know the drill - limited time).

Anyway, I'm back to teaching because I felt like it was time. I have so much more insight into what works and what doesn’t, and this experience is worth gold - and I want to share it. When you run a business and need to market it, you need asolid systemin place and when you have it, you really don't need to stress because things organically fall into place, and working for yourself can actually be a lot of fun.

In my course, I want to share my 15 years of experience with youbecause once you learn what to use, and how, then heartfelt, organic marketing can be so much easier than if you don’t have a clue where to start, and no reliable systems in place.

Minimalist Mood Board Photo Collage Instagram Post.png

“You need to be more transparent”

We've all heard that a trillion times, right?

Well, if you’ve ever wondered how I run my business as a self-made one-woman show and mother, minus the fluff and filters, I’ll tell you during this course, I'll be totally transparent for you. In fact, I welcome my students to ask tons of questions (don’t hold back!) because I want this learning experience to beas real and honest as possible.

I also want to challenge you to think differently about how you approach your brand and audience because we’ve all been fed the hype on how important it is to “grow a massive following” and become multi-millionaires. There are lots of us who want to live a happy life, enjoy time with our family and friends, and earn an incredible living doing what we love without non-stop hustling. I can definitely teach you how to do that because my business has made me happy for 15 years, andI’ve been able to support my family financiallyby doing what I love.

What’s inside the course?

Screen Shot 2021-04-12 at 11.11.30 AM.png

Module 1: Find Your Voice

With so much competition, some of us have lost our motivation, positive voice, and even our way. For Module One, we’ll work together on powering up you and your brand to make you feel more invigorated than ever before and to help you to develop an authentic, likable voice to attract a more dedicated following.

Module 2: Blogging Your Way

More than ever before, a blog is what you need to sell your brand and products. We’ll cover ALL things blogging, from content to design, because it’s still one of the key ways to find, and keep, a happy and loyal audience.

Module 3: Email Marketing That Works

Become a newsletter believer in just one week. Learn the platforms available, how to use them, why email marketing matters, effective sales strategies through email marketing that feel genuine and real, and more.

Module 4: Win at Instagram

It’s time to level up your Instagram game and to enjoy using Insta again! You’ll learn branding, strategy, planning posts, writing copy from the heart, increasing engagement without hustle, growing your account, and tips for Insta Guides and Stories.

每个模块由客座专家支持respective topic, with me always as your teacher and guide.

Screen Shot 2021-04-09 at 10.09.20 AM.png

Meet The Experts

Screen Shot 2021-04-12 at 11.11.30 AM.png

Garance Doré, Founder ofDoré- Garance is a beloved French photographer, illustrator, and the best-selling author ofLOVE STYLE LIFEwho lives and works in Los Angeles, France, and New Zealand with her partner, Graham, and her dog Lulu. She recently launched a membership community for women about love, life, and style calledL’île. Garance has built a loyal following with over 700k followers on her Instagram@garancedorethrough some of the most beautiful storytelling I’ve ever seen. In our 60 minute video inside the course, Garance will share how you can find your voice online and share it to attract a dedicated following.

Paige Brunton, Founder ofSquare Secrets- Paige is a newly married Canadian entrepreneur based in northern Germany, best known for her online courses where she teaches how to set up websites using Squarespace and how to run a profitable web design business. Paige has had over 2,000 students go through her online courses, they’rethe most popularin the Squarespace industry. Paige also built her business through blogging, and as a Squarespace web design expert, she’ll be sharing how to incorporate SEO best practices into your blogging to start appearing in the Google Rankings, and tons more. Find Paige on Insta at@paigebrunton

Desha Peacock, Founder ofSweet Spot Style- Based in Vermont, Desha is the author of two interiors books,Your Creative Work SpaceandCreate the Style You Crave. (My home office was actually featured in her work space book!) Desha is also an email marketing expert, retreat leader, business/lifestyle coach, and mother. Inside the course in our 60-minute video, Desha will be sharing her strategies and stories on how to make email marketing work for you and your blog. Find Desha on Insta at@deshapeacock

Niki Brantmark, Founder ofMy Scandinavian Home- Niki authors a hugely popular blog and Instagram specializing in Scandinavian living and has three best-selling books about interiors and Nordic lifestyle (I love them all so much!!!)Lagom,The Scandinavian Home, andRelaxed Rustic.Originally from England, she lives in Malmö, Sweden with her husband and two daughters. Niki has built a loyal following of over 350k on Instagram@myscandinavianhome,and in our video, she’ll be sharing how she built her following and how to enjoy using Instagram again!

SO my dears, if you’re dreaming of building your business (or improving the one you’ve got!) without the hustle,want to be part of a caring communityof like-minded entrepreneurs, andreceive expert adviceandeducation from others who have built their businesses in a heart-centered way

Holly’s course paved my way and was the founding base of my own blog and social media. her profound knowledge and experience were a real treasure for me.
— IGOR JOSIFOVIC KEMPER / Bestselling Author and Founder of the Urban Jungle Bloggers

So now it’s time to insert the sale-sy bit…

Dah dah dada da dahhhhh!

It’s time to save your seat inside my brand new e-course,Attract, Engage, and Grow!

Class runs from April 19 - May 31 (6-week course) and you get 35 lessons, 4 expert videos, 4 live chats with me, 4 homework assignments (optional下载),奖金,一个私人社区不见面hers, and you can return to the class again and again because you have lifetime access!

Please note: Today is the last day to get in on the early bird special for$100 off,and there is a payment option, so click ABOVE to check out more information on this course.

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New H&R Block DIY Expat Tax Services - Life Saver For Americans Abroad!
New H&R Block DIY Expat Tax Services - Life Saver For Americans Abroad!

This a loaded topic,TAXES, and yesthis is a design blog…. BUT if you’ve been a follower of my career for a while, you know that I’m an American expat living abroad and sometimes I like to talk about life/business topics here. I solely operate decor8 since 2006 while living in Boston and Germany, but I’m full-time abroad now and plan to stay on this side of the pond. You can imagine that my American friends are quite curious about how I run my company, particularly with taxes. This post should be a massive help to anyone who either lives abroad or who wants to because the diamond I’m about to hand you will shave years of stress and migraines off of you live.

But first, a little back story on why this is so important that it’s showing up today on my blog. First, you don’t even WANT to know the amount of time and energy I’ve spent researching tax laws before I relocated, the hours spent with my American accountant, more hours researching law updates (and changes) since I’ve relocated, and the thousands of dollars I’ve spent filing over the years through two accountants both in Germany and Boston. It’s really a nightmare when you’re self-employed but I imagine equally tricky if you’re working for an American firm living abroad. In both situations, you have to know what you’re doing.

As crazy as it is, American expats (both U.S. citizens and permanent residents) must file annual U.S. federal income taxes while living and earning income abroad. Even if you earn ZERO you have to file. America is one of the only countries that requires this. The only way around it is if you give up your American citizenship, and even then, there’s a wait time meaning you still have to file annually for a specific period. If you decide to stay forever in your new country, you still need to file each year. What if you don’t? Penalties, penalties, penalties and in some cases, you can lose your passport. Yeah, fun stuff.

Also, a bit of advice - Don’t rely on what you read in expat forums regarding taxes and small business because 99.9% either won’t apply to you specifically, or it’s outdated. Sometimes, you run into the typical know-it-all expat who likes to play sofa accountant but trust me, you need professional help with your taxes. Knowing how to claim tax breaks unique to American citizens living abroad, such as the Foreign Tax Credit and Foreign Earned Income Exclusion, requires both expat and tax expertise.

Plus, there is another complication to all of this: U.S. expats have to report money in foreign accounts. Fun! And wait, another: For expat state taxes, each state has different definitions of who qualifies as a resident, and seven states (including Florida) don't have income tax requirements. Isn’t this fun? Oh and currently, COVID-19 & Stimulus 3.0 payment updates for expats are in effect too and you need to know how that works so this is why you need H&R Block to handle your taxes going forward and it’s easy - just visit theirexpat tax services siteand get started.

It doesn’t have to be a nightmare anymore, because finally someone was smart enough to realize that expats require tax help -H&R Block. They recently announced a new online do-it-yourself software for U.S. expats who want to file on their own. Thank God, really. Now that this service has launched I will most definitely sign up and use it going forward because the H&R Block system will save me money, give me more control over my finances, and hopefully take some of the pain away from annual filing.

Ok so let’s be transparent here. Pricing. DIY filing on their site starts at $99 for simpler returns covering employment income (like if you are working for a company but you live abroad), but more complex tax situations such as those who are self-employed, own property, or have investment income, stocks, etc. can also use the software; but higher fees will apply that service starts at $149.

At the moment, this is the ONLY company where U.S. expats can choose how you want to file - with the help of a tax expert or DIY style with online tax software designed for you. Filing through this service also allows you to feel confident that you’re filing correctly so that you can avoid penalties later on.

I’m so relieved and happy to hear that a service like thisfinallyexists. I’ve never before had anything like this to use so I’m grateful that this service is out there now. I hope that this post has helped you. Please comment below if you have any questions.




Photo: Holly Becker for decor8

(This post is sponsored by H&R Block, all text and opinions therein are my own.)

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Rent decor8 Studio In Hannover For Workshops, Photoshoots, and more!
Rent decor8 Studio In Hannover For Workshops, Photoshoots, and more!

I am so excited to announce that I have a beautiful two-room creative space in Hannover, Germany calledDECOR8 STUDIOthat I now rent out to creatives and companies who need a space for a day, weekend, week (or longer!) for workshops, team meetings, cook courses, photo shoots, video production (creative only), pop-up shops, small parties and events, and more. It’s located in one of the most beautiful districts in the city, a stone’s throw from the largest natural city forest in Europe, and in the heart of it all - restaurants, bars, the u-bahn, banks, post, shopping, it’s all at the front door. I also live right around the corner, so you have access to me 24/7 when you rent my space - I don’t rent it and disappear (!), I’m available if you need me or have any questions during the duration of your rental time in this lovely location.

厨房是全新的,所以是木制floors, and the bathroom. There is a washer machine, fridge, Nespresso maker, RuarkAudio loudspeaker, clothes steamer, stove, ladder, oven, dishwasher, and a rainwater shower. (There is no clothes dryer, but I can supply a drying rack if needed.)

There is also an HP 27” monitor, keyboard, and wireless mouse - just bring your laptop. The wi-fi is perfect and runs smoothly, we’ve never any issues. There’s a big balcony where you can fit 8-10 people. You are allowed to have up to 20 people in the space at one time and to observe Corona guidelines during this time. Note: Everything is sanitized and professionally cleaned before your arrival.

It also feels a bit like a beautiful showroom… It’s loaded with gorgeous furnishings, some lovely vintage pieces, designer lighting from France, Italy, and Denmark, dishware, glassware, silverware, linens, and loads of props. There are also two designer rugs from Finland and Denmark. You can also rent additional things from neighborhood shops that I work with. Catering is also a breeze, I have access to great people who can assist you with food if needed. The building also has an elevator, which makes it a breeze for you and your guests.

You cannot remove ceiling lights or artwork from the main wall in The Gathering Space, but you can remove anything from the walls elsewhere, and you can move (or remove) all furniture (With care, of course. We can also move it before you arrive.).

Below are some photos to whet your appetite.Visit the websitefor more detailed info and additional photos, floor plan, and more.


Rent decor8 Studio In Hannover
Creatives: Rent decor8 Studio In Hannover
Creatives: Rent decor8 Studio In Hannover
Creatives: Rent decor8 Studio In Hannover

Room 2: The Shoot Space

Creatives: Rent decor8 Studio In Hannover
Creatives: Rent decor8 Studio In Hannover
Creatives: Rent decor8 Studio In Hannover
Creatives: Rent decor8 Studio In Hannover

View from the balcony and all of the windows

Creatives: Rent decor8 Studio In Hannover

If this interests you, below are the prices:

2 Hour Rental: €150- Perfect for co-working, podcast recording or video/instagram shoots

Half Day Rental (6 Hours): €300- perfect for team meeting, mini photo shoot, meeting, team lunch, cook course

Full Day Rental (12 hours): €500: photo shoots, portrait sessions, launch party, pop-up event, workshop, video production for brands or bloggers and more!

To rent for a weekend, or a week, we can negotiate a special deal for you.

When you, you can find the following:

Online booking system

Bilingual website in German and English

Full list of everything in the space

Floor plan

Property address

Please send me an email or check outDECOR8 STUDIOif you’d like to learn more! I’m so happy to answer any questions and negotiate pricing (for Corona times). I’m happy to also help you style your event and can even join your event if desired.

And I must add - the decor8 studio website was designed by my good friend (and Hannover-based)Paige Brunton. She offers incredible online classes (in English) on how to build and run your own dream business using Squarespace. I’ve taken them, and can highly recommend. If you want to learn more about Paige, visit hereHERE.



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