NOTICE: Much of the SilverSpore code base will be open sourced as time permits.

What's a Spore?

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Patent pending monitoring of dynamic IT infrastructures

Moving to a public or private Cloud infrastructure?  SilverSpore's monitoring solution adds and removes Cloud servers from your monitoring configuration in sync with your Cloud controller!

As your IT infrastructure evolves, SilverSpore automatically detects the changes and configures your monitoring infrastructure, on the fly, so you always have a handle on service availability and performance history.

In addition to monitoring physical infrastructure, our platform is integrated with the leading public and private cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services, RackSpace, Eucalyptus, OpenStack, and VMWare vCloud.  SilverSpore interacts directly with each platform's Cloud Controller.  As Cloud servers are created and terminated, SilverSpore automatically adds and removes their configuration from the monitoring configuration - within seconds. 

If you have been reluctant to take full advantage of the flexibility of today's Cloud platforms because you lacked the capability to track and monitor dynamically allocated servers, SilverSpore has the solution!

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Virtual appliance requirements

  • VMWare workstation 5.X+, ESXi versions 4.X+ or VirtualBox 4.X+

  • Minimum one dedicated CPU

  • 512MB RAM

  • 1 virtual network adapter, bridged

 Amazon DevPay image requirements

Images are licensed based on the EC2 instance type, which in turn corresponds to the number of servers to be monitored.

For example, the EC2 "Micro Instance" has 613MB RAM and two virtual cores.  It is adequate for small AWS installations of up to 10 servers.  The EC2 "High CPU Medium Instance" provides 1.7GB RAM and 5 EC2 units (virtual cores).  It is adequate for installations of up to 250 servers.

There will be various DevPay images for different sized AWS infrastructures.


"Why do I need IT monitoring?"

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NOTE: SilverSpore is discontinuing the sale of our physical appliances and will shortly
be distributing a commercial version of our virtual appliances and Cloud images.  In the meantime, please download and try our trial Virtual Appliance!










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